Somewhere Under [the Rainbow is] Delusion. (underdelusion) wrote in blvdbrokendream,
Somewhere Under [the Rainbow is] Delusion.

Be aware, be very aware...

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Pay attention. Pay close attention

BTW, your claim on your own journal about it indexing “protected” posts is also wrong. Please understand what you actually post about before you post to 100 communities in a tizzy about it.
As I have said on the FEW places that seem to have a problem with
this information, NOT ALL OF US SUBSCRIBE TO LJ_DEV....

Wrong or not, I have seen, with my own two eyes, a few FO posts there..... Sorry, Whatever.

I see now that some steps are planned to solve this problem, but aside from MM's repetitive replies, there is a majority of people replying that were not aware of this - and it's good to know the potential...
If they want to read my boring friends only rants about how much I hate myself, then I say let 'em have at it. XD

Thanks for sharing.
i tried this out. and it didnt give me very good results.
but still,
taking the creepy internet stalker to a whole new level.
hahah, my last comment made me out to seam like an internet stalker.
im not, im just saying this makes it easier for one.
just like the google maps thing.
it can zoom in right on a street!
ok i should stop rambling on now.
I tried to look up my LJ but it didn't come out XD So that's cool, but they did get my old group blog XD;

But wtf.. why would you need this!? XD;;
Because you're a crazy ex boyfriend/girlfriend. :D
Then it's lucky that I don't have one XD
I searched for my username, and some of my friends only entries showed up...O_o Thats not good.