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David Bowie & stuff

A funny thing just happened. I was suddenly almost painfully desperate to have some new LJ friends. I almost wrote like an "add me" entry on one of those sites!!! I have no idea why this happened-actually i do. My favorite poster has sort of stopped posting, and nothing is as interesting anymore.

But then I remembered this-my other favorite community!!! If anyone wants to chat about David Bowie, the comic "Runaways", "21 Jump St", or anything else just comment!!!

As I write I'm listening to "Station to Station", a classic Bowie Cd from the 70's. I've really got back into him this weekend. CLASSIC.

Did I mention b4 I am writing a sci-fi book!? Its coming along quite well!!!

Later gang!
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21 Jump street was cool
You got it :-) I love Johnny Depp, from then to now, he has always been my favorite, and the show itself was cool. I can't wait for my "Season 3" DVD to get here!

Do u like Bowie or comics?
21 Jump st rocked , I loved watching all the places in the episodes, It was filmed in Vancouver and thats where I live.

I have loved Bowie since uh Labyrinth