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Thoughts on my Simon & Garfunkel Reunion DVD

Hi guys, remembrance from when I was 17, early 90's: Simon & Garfunkel ads on the TV, watching, realizing every song on the ad was a classic, without knowing any of them. My pal AJ and I were similarly entranced and I went and bought the "Best Of" & "Sounds of Silence"-what still strikes about each CD is how vital, how alive, it remains. In a way listening to that music I hook back into my own past, my own memories, a time where I felt "pure"-long before girls and drugs and money changed me. It's probably an illusion, but it's a powerful one.

Anyway for my birthday, almost 15 years later, my Mum bought me the Simon & Garfunkel Reunion Cd & DVD. It's an arresting and powerful document of the tour. Both men are old now, but seemingly unbowed by age. I took it round to AJ's. He was cold to it. He thought it would be "boring". I realized how while I sometimes glamorize the past, he runs from it, somehow scared of it, of old feelings.

You can go too far either way, but I think I prefer my way. Anyway, I am about to put the DVD on.

Just some late night thoughts.
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